Hygienic Test

    • Heavy metals
    • Arsenic ,Lead ,Cadmium ,Chromium ,Mercury ,Cyanide ,Antimony ,Tin ,Cobalt ,Germanium ,X-Ray fluorescence analysis (qualitative analysis)
    • Microbial test
    • Aerobic plate count ,Coliform bacilli ,Coliform bacteria count ,E. coli ,Enterohemorrhagic E.coli O157 ,Staphylococcus aureus ,Salmonella ,Vibrio parahaemolyticus ,Bacillus cereus ,Clostridium perfringens ,Mesophilic aerobic spores ,Lactic acid bacteria ,Pseudomonas aeruginosa ,Viable molds count ,Viable yeasts count ,Staphylococcal enterotoxins Identification of bacteria ,Identification of mold ,Identification of yeast ,Antibacterial test ,Virus inactivation test
    • Food additives
    • Sorbic acid ,Sulfur dioxide ,Benzoic acid ,Dehydroacetic acid ,p-Hydroxybenzoic acid esters ,Saccharin ,Butylhydroxyanisol ,Dibutylhydroxytoluene ,Cyclamic acid ,Hydrogen peroxide ,Nitrate ion ,Nitrite ion ,Propylene glycol ,Polysorbate (as polysorbate 80) Coal-tar dyes (qualitative analysis) ,t-Butyl hydroquinone
    • Chemical contaminants
    • Polychlorobiphenyl ,Methylmercury ,Ethylmercury ,Tributyltin compounds ,Triphenyltin compounds ,Phthalates ,Nonylphenol ,Bisphenol A ,Formaldehyde ,Phenols ,3,4-Benzopyrene [Benzo(a)pyrene] ,3-Chloro-1,2-propanediol ,1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol , 2,3-Dichloro-1-propanol ,2,4,6-Trichlorophenol ,2,4,6-Trichloroanisole ,Aflatoxin ,Dioxins and coplanar poly chlorinated biphenyl
    • Residual pesticides
    • Organochlorine pesticides (BHC ,DDT ,Other organochlorine pesticides ) ,Organophosphorus pesticides (Parathion ,Malathion ,EPN ,Fenitrothion ,Other organophosphorus pesticides )
    • Residual animal drugs
    • Antibiotics ,Tetracyclines ,Salinomycin ,Other antibiotics ,Synthetic antibacterial agents ,Amprolium ,Morantel ,Olaquindox ,Sulfa drugs
  • Biological Safety Test

      • Biological tests
      • Acute toxicity test (limit test) [Mouse ,Rat] , Acute toxicity test (LD50) [Mouse ,Rat] ,Skin irritation test ,Eye irritation test ,Skin sensitization test ,Mutagenicity test ,Ames test(five strains) ,Chromosomal aberration test ,Sterility test ,Paralytic shellfish poison ,Diarrhetic shellfish poison
    • Cosmetics

        • Physical and chemical test
        • Benzoic acid ,Sorbic acid ,Dehydroacetic acid ,p-Hydroxybenzoic acid esters ,Phenoxyethanol ,Butylhydroxyanisol ,Dibutylhydroxytoluene ,Authorized coal-tar dyes for cosmetics (qualitative analysis) ,UV absorbers ,Titanium ,1,3-Butylene glycol ,Chlorphenesin ,Salicylic acid ,Propylene glycol ,EDTA ,Formaldehyde ,Methanol ,Arsenic ,Lead ,Cadmium ,Mercury
        • Antibacterial activity test
        • Test sample:Antibacterial products (plastics, ceramics, glass, metal, and textile goods)
          Test methods:
          ISO 22196 Plastics--Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics surfaces
          JIS Z2801: Antibacterial products--Test for antibacterial activity and efficacy
          JIS L1902: Testing for antibacterial activity and efficacy on textile products

        • Test sample:Photocatalytic products
          test method:
          JIS R1702: Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) --Test method for antibacterial activity of photocatalytic products under photoirradiation and efficacy
        • Fungus resistance test
        • Test sample:Antifungal products
          Test method:
          JIS Z2911: Methods of test for fungus resistance
        • Antifungal activity test
        • Test sample:Photocatalytic products
          Test method:
          JIS R1705: Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) --Test method for antifungal activity of photocatalytic products under photoirradiation
        • Virus inactivation test,Bacteriophage inactivation test
        • Test sample:Antiviral agents, Antiviral products
        • Bactericidal efficiency test, Antibacterial activity test,
          Bacteria removal test, Determination of minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC),Mold growth test
        • Test sample : Sterilizer, Antibacterial agents, and Chemicals
        • Filtration effect test, Bactericidal efficiency test
        • Test sample : Water purifier, Cleansing device, and Sterilizing device (Germicidal device)
        • In indoor environment:Antimicrobial test,Virus inactivation test,
          Bacteriophage inactivation test
        • Test sample : Air cleaners, Air-conditioners
        • Japan Food Research Laboratories offer antibacterial activity tests according to ISO and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Additionally, we can design and perform tests based on the method specified by the client.
        • Water quality
        • Trihalomethane ,Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) ,Chemical oxygen demand (COD) ,Total organic carbon (TOC) ,Legionella ,pH ,n-Hexane extracts ,Suspended solids ,Residual chlorine ,Dissolved oxygen ,Water Quality Standards, Standard Items (51 items)
        • Other tests
        • Water activity ,Extraneous contaminants ,Electron micrograph,SEM photo data ,Radionuclide (RN) analysis ,X-Ray diffraction analysis ,Material identification by mass spectrometer ,Detection of proteins derived from specified raw material (lobster (or prawn, shrimp etc.), crab, wheat, buckwheat, eggs, milk, and peanuts by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) ,Detection of animal species-specific DNA ,Detection of irradiation treatment by thermoluminescence (TL) method ,Endocrine disrupters ,Evaluation tests of water purifier ,Hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment , etc.

Technological Development



  • Improve the Operation Efficiency 100 samples / day
  • Keep constant and appropriate quality of the filtrates
  • Support the Laboratory Management