Environmental Tests / Water Quality and Animals and Plants, etc.service

Environmental Tests /
Water Quality and Animals and Plants, etc.

The JFRL conducts the determination of contaminants in water, soil, animal tissues, or plant tissues. We also perform tests related to environmental conservation such as biodegradability tests to investigate the effects of chemical substances on the environment.

Analysis items

    • Water-quality tests (Waterworks Law, Water Pollution Control Law)
    • Industrial wastes investigations
    • Soil contamination investigations
    • Bottom material investigations (Environment Agency Notification)
    • Environmental guidelines
    • Biodegradability
    • Microbial tests
    • Identification of microorganisms isolated from the environment , Investigation of the distribution of environmental bacteria
    • Crop-residue-prone pesticides
    • Soil-residue-prone pesticides
    • Water pollution-prone pesticides (Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law)

Examinations based on laws

  • Measurement certification business based on the Measurement Act (Article 107)
    The business of measurement certifications of concentration at the Tama Laboratory
  • Business as registered conformity assessment bodies based on the Waterworks Act (Article 20, Paragraph 3)

Representative apparatus / facility

  • GC-MS/MS
  • LC-MS/MS
  • ICP
  • ICP-MS
  • AAS