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Hygienic Tests/
Food and Animal Feedstuffs

With its high level of skills, the JFRL performs specification tests under the Food Sanitation Law and other laws, residual pesticide tests, microbial tests, chemical pollutant tests, and natural toxin tests. Our data meets the demands of clients who want to ensure the food hygiene of their products. In addition, we inspect factories and help to improve food hygiene.

Analysis items

    • Detection tests for genetically modified organisms(GMOs)
    • Detection tests for certain food allergens
    • Examination of imported foods (before importation/atcustoms)
    • Standard tests based on the Food Sanitation Law
    • Food additives , Soft drinks , Frozen foods , Meat products , Milk and milk products
    • Residual pesticides, Residual veterinary drugs(antibiotics, synthetic antibacterial agents, etc.)
    • Microbial tests
    • Enumeration of microorganism , Detection of food poisoning agents , Identification of isolated microorganisms(bacteria, molds, yeasts)
    • Heavy metals
    • Arsenic , Lead , Cadmium , Mercury
    • Chemical contaminants
    • PCB , Dioxins , Endocrine disrupters
    • Mycotoxins
    • Aflatoxins , Fumonisins
    • Marine toxins
    • Paralytic and Diarrheic shellfish poisoning toxins
    • Identification of foreign matter and abnormality (swelling , off-flavor , discoloration)
    • Food irradiation detection tests
    • Radioactive nuclide analysis (Cs-134 , Cs-137 and I-131)

Examinations based on laws

  • Product inspections as registered conformity assessment bodies based on the Food Sanitation Act
  • Feed inspections as registered inspection bodies based on the Law Concerning Safety Assurance and Quality Improvement of Feeds

Representative apparatus

  • Realtime PCR
  • DNA sequencer
  • RiboPrinter System®
  • LC-MS/MS
  • GC-MS/MS
  • ICP-MS
  • NMR
  • IRMS