Nutritional Analysis/ Food and Animal Feedstuffsservice

Nutritional Analysis/
Food and Animal Feedstuffs

The JFRL has been engaged in analyzing food for a long time. Our technical skills contribute to conducting tests for the nutrition labeling of processed food and the "Standard tables of food composition in Japan." We prepare a wide range of test items such as amino acids, organic acids, nucleic acid-related substances, or functional ingredients in supplements.

Analysis items

    • Macro nutrients
    • Moisture , Protein , Fat , Ash , Dietary fiber , Energy
    • Minerals
    • Sodium , Potassium , Calcium , Phosphorous , Iron , Magnesium
    • Vitamins
    • Vitamins A , Vitamins B group , Vitamins C , Vitamins D , Vitamins E ,
      Vitamins K , Niacin
    • Saccharides
    • Monosaccharides , Disaccharides , Sugar alcohols , Composition analysis of monosaccharide in polysaccharides , Molecular weight distribution of polysaccharides
    • Organic acids
    • Acetic acid , Citric acid , Malic acid
    • Fats and Oils
    • Fatty acids , including trans fatty acids , Sterols , Phospholipids , Acid value , Peroxide value
    • Proteins and Amino acids
    • Amino acids , Functional peptides , Molecular weight distribution of peptides
    • Nucleic acids (adenine etc.), Enzyme activity
    • Sensory tests, Odor identification tests, Storage tests
    • Evaluation tests for nutrient functions in foods using cells or animals

Examinations based on laws

  • Approval and license examinations for registered conformity assessment bodies based on the Health Promotion Act
  • Accreditation of food manufacturers for registered conformity assessment bodies based on the Law Concerning Standardization and Proper Labelling of Agricultural and Forestry Products (JAS Law)
  • Designated accreditation of sophisticated plans on dressing manufacturing based on the Act on Temporary Measures Concerning Sophistication of Management of Food Manufacturing Process

Representative apparatus

  • Automatic amino acid analyzer
  • ICP
  • ICP-MS
  • ESR
  • AAS
  • Combustion Analysis System
  • Kjeltec Auto Sampler SystemTM
  • Fat Extraction SystemTM
  • LC with a variety of detectors including PAD
  • GC, GC-MS

pdf Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan