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Functional components

Recently, we focus on not only foods nutrition but also foods function such as controlling health and preventing lifestyle-related diseases. Therefore, to examine functional components in foods can lead to enhance market value of foods.
The JFRL performs evaluation and quantitative tests for functional components in foods.


(1,3)(1,4)-Beta-Glucan Barley, Oats
1-Deoxynojirimycin Mulberry leaves
6"-O-Acetyldaidzin Soybeans
6"-O-Acetylgenistin Soybeans
6"-O-Acetylglycitin Soybeans
6"-O-Malonyldaidzin Soybeans
6"-O-Malonylgenistin Soybeans
6"-O-Malonylglycitin Soybeans
6-Gingerol Ginger
6-Shogaol Ginger
N-Acetylglucosamine Health foods
Alginic acid Brown algae
Allicin Garlic
Allyl isothiocyanate Wasabi, Mustard (black mustard)
Aloe-emodin Aloe
Aloenin Aloe
Aloin (Barbaloin) Aloe
Anthocyanidin (as delphinidin) Bilberry, Blueberry
Anthocyanin Bilberry, Blueberry
Apigenin Major component of Kaoliang color, Plants (celery, parsley, sweet peppers, and perilla, etc.)
Artepillin C Propolis
Astaxanthin Salmons, Shrimps, Alga, Yeast
Astragalin Japanese persimmon leaves
Aucubin Plantain
Baicalin Scutellaria root
Benzyl glucosinolate Maca
Bergamottin Grapefruit
Bergenin Japanese mallotus
Beta-Cryptoxanthin Citrus fruits
Beta-Cyclodextrin Health foods
Beta-Glucan Mushrooms (Yeast)
(1,3)(1,4)-Beta-Glucan Barley, Oats
Bilobalide Ginkgo leaves
Biochanin A Red clover
Biopterin Royal jelly
Cacao polyphenol Cacao beans
Caffeic acid Coffee
Caffeic acid phenetyl ester Propolis
Capsaicin Chili peppers
Capsaicinoids (capsaicins) Chili peppers
Carnitine Meats
Catalpol Rehmannia root
Catechins Tea leaves
Cellobiose Plants
Chlorogenic acid Coffee
Chrysin Propolis
Chrysophanol Rhubarb
Cinnamaldehyde Cinnamon oil
Cinnamic acid Cinnamon bark
Coenzyme Q10 Fishes, Meats, Seeds
Coumarin Cherry tree leaves, Tonka bean, Melilot
Coumestrol Alfalfa
Cryptoxanthin Citrus fruits, Papaya, Persimmon, Egg
Cucurbitacin E Gourds (Bitter gourds etc.)
Cucurbitacin I Gourds (Bitter gourds etc.)
Curcuminoids (curcumins) Turmeric
Cyanidin-3-glucoside Black soybeans, Black rice
Daidzein Soybeans
Daidzin Soybeans
Dihydrocapsaicin Chili peppers
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) Fish
Eleutheroside E Siberian ginseng
Ellagic acid Pomegranates
Emodin Aloe
Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) Fish
Epigallocatechin-3-o-(3-o-methyl)gallate Dong ding oolong tea
Episesamin Sesame
Ergothioneine Branched oyster mushroom, Oyster mushroom
Eritadenine Shiitake (Mushroom)
Ferulic acid Rice bran
Fisetin Kale, Barley grass
Formononetin Red clover, Astragalus root
Forskolin Indian coleus
Fructooligosaccharides (1-Kestose,Nystose,Fructofuranosylnystose) Health foods
Fucoxanthin Seaweeds
Galangin Propolis
Ganma-amino-n-butyric acid (GABA) Brown rice, Vegetables
Ganoderic acid A Reishi
Geniposidic acid Fruits of Gardenia jasminoides, Chinese gutta percha
Genistein Soybeans
Genistin Soybeans
Gentiobiose Gentian
6-Gingerol Ginger
Ginkgolic acid Ginkgo leaves
Ginkgolide A Ginkgo leaves
Ginkgolide B Ginkgo leaves
Ginkgolide C Ginkgo leaves
Ginseng saponin Korean ginseng
Ginsenosides Korean ginseng
GlucosamineN-Acetylglucosamine Health foods
Glycitein Soybeans
Glycitin Soybeans
Hesperetin Citrus fruits
Hesperidin Citrus fruits
Hyaluronic acid Animal tissues (chicken cockscombs etc.)
Hydroxycitric acid Garcinia
Hyperin Siberian ginseng
Isofraxidin Siberian ginseng 
Isomaltooligosaccharides (Isomaltose, Panose, Isomaltotriose, Isomaltotetraose) Honey
Isoquercitrin Doku-dami, Ashitaba
Isorhamnetin Propolis
Kaempferide Propolis
Kaempferol Propolis
Kaempferol-3-o-rutinoside Stalk and leaves of Bindweed,
Ostrich fern leaves,
Powdered Rose Fruit
Lactosucrose Health foods
Lactulose Milk, Milk products
Lapachol Ipe
Limonin Citrus fruits
Lutein Plants
Luteolin Perilla, Crown daisy
Lycopene Tomatoes
o-Methylated catechins Green teas (Benifuki)
Mangiferin Kothalahim
Mucopolysaccharide Animal tissues (shark cartilage etc.)
Myricetin Berries, Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs
Naringenin Citrus fruits
Naringin Citrus fruits
Narirutin Citrus fruits
Neohesperidin Citrus fruits
Nobiletin Citrus fruits (Shiikuwasha etc)
Octacosanol Embryo (bud)
Oleanolic acid Olive leaves, Apple skin, Clove bud
Oryzanol Rice
Paeoniflorin Peony root
Palatinose Honey, Health foods
p-Coumaric acid Propolis
Pectin Fruits
Phloridzin Apple
Pinocembrin Propolis
Piperine Pepper
Polyphenol Plants
Puerarin Kudzu, Kwao keur (nomenclature: Pueraria mirifica)
Quercetin Onion skin etc.
Quercitrin Doku-dami
Resistant starch Cereals
Resistant maltodextrin Processed foods
Resveratrol Grape skin, Peanut astringent skin
Rhein Rhubarb
Rosmarinic acid Red Shiso, Rosemary, Perilla, etc.
Rutin Tartary buckwheat
Saikosaponin a Bupleurum root
Saikosaponin c Bupleurum root
Saikosaponin d Bupleurum root
Salicin White willow
Saponin Adzuki beans, Green teas
Scopoletin Noni (Indian mulberry)
Sennoside A・Sennoside B Alexandria senna, Rhubarb
Sesamin Sesame
Sesamol Sesame
Sesamolin Sesame
6-Shogaol Ginger
Silibin Milk thistle
Soy isoflavone aglycons (aglycons equivalent) Soybeans
Soy isoflavones Soybeans
Soy saponin Soybeans
Soyaoligosaccharides(Raffinose,Stachyose) Soybeans
Synephrine Citrus fruits
Tangeretin Citrus fruits (Shiikuwasha etc)
Theobromine Cacao
Total anthocyanins Bilberry, Blueberry
Total ferulic acid Rice bran
Total fructan Chicory, Yacon, Onions
Trehalose Mushrooms
Trigonelline Coffee
Ursolic acid Fruits and leaves (Bearberry leaves, Apple and Cherry, etc.)
Valerenic acid Valerian
Vanillin Vanilla beans
Vitexin Buckwheat bud
Xylooligosaccharides (Xylobiose, Xylotriose) Plants