About Us



Japan Food Research Laboratories is one of the world’s largest and most diversified testing services providers.

 Since 1957, Japan Food Research Laboratories has been developing solutions to resolve client's diverse issues, and providing accurate analytical data or technical advisory services to domestic and overseas clients. At the present, we carry out analytical testing about various samples such as food, feed, manure, drinking water, labeling and packaging materials, drug, medical equipment, household articles, environmental water, soil, etc. Japan Food Research Laboratories has now developed into one of the most respected analytical testing institutes in Japan by offering a broad range of technical services.


 Our scientific expertise, performance, neutrality and fair actions acquire worldwide reputation and confidence. Our organization's mission is to make a contribution to the society in various aspects through our analytical activities. Through continuous improvements and innovations, we are devoting our energies to answer promptly with accurate data, to maintain impartiality as a disinterested party and to fulfill obligations of secrecy of the analytical data.